[Wolves] Zaurus', WLAN's and such crap.

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Apr 11 07:35:00 2003

Matt Wright spoo'd forth:
> Hi,
> The server, be it in linux or windows, is pretty much unused. I mainly use
> my Z for playing mp3's at night to goto sleep to and everyone else in the
> house is asleep. I had thought about using NFS but I'm not always in Linux
> on the machine that holds my mp3s. I don't suppose anyone has done and ftp
> filesystem have they :)??

Stream over http? Just stick the files in a directory and bang a
webserver on your machine (in both OSes: Apache on Linux and
OpenSA/Apache on Windows, or some smaller minimal server if you'd


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