[Wolves] Stunning Meet

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 17 11:40:01 2003

> Oh my *God*.  I hope I didn't scare Jayne off.
> I have no *idea* what I said to her.  Or anyone else, for that
> matter....  :)

Don't worry Dan! - all that happened was my head got so big i had trouble 
fitting it through my front door ;) LOL

You or no-one has scared me off, I'm tougher than that, when you've had 12 
burly big male engineers sitting round a conference table looking at you as 
if you're an alien from a distant universe whilst I'm delivering a speech. 
THAT IS VERY off putting believe me.

It was very good to meet everyone, and yes Jono I will tell you all about my 
experiences with my Beowulf Cluster when I next come to a meet, if you want 
me to do a presentatiion I can do that.

I had a mail off Steve and Si from A2RT's and they say sorry they couldn't 
make it, they had to pick up some stuff,
I'm helping them with their project you see, setting up a Linux 
File/mail/print server for the Friends of The Earth Cafe amongst other 

I had an idea which I've already told Steve and Si about, getting some of 
those old Aracde machines, stripping them and putting old PC motherborads in 
them with a monitor and runninng MAIME for Linux on them (old arcade games 
emulater) would be cool, 

Anyway, see you all soon.

> I'm just recovering consciousness after all that.  I just know for a
> fact I must have slobbered all over the place.  :)