[Wolves] Brilliant LUG

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Apr 18 13:27:01 2003

Jayne Heger spoo'd forth:
> Just been speaking with my boyfriend Jim about the LUG meet and he was really 
> shocked, as he lives in Nottingham so he goes to the Nottingham LUG meets and 
> they are *really* formal there, they don't meet in a pub, they just do 
> presentations every 2 weeks about hardcore geek stuff and they are friendly 
> but don't have that community feeling that Wolves seem to.
> He was dead impressed anyway, if he gets time off work, next time he's down he 
> might pop along if you don't mind?

The more the merrier, absolutely :) We *are* unusual; most LUGs do pretty much 
work on a highly technical basis, and we drink beer and occasionally remember 
to talk about computers...


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