[Wolves] Wireless and Linux

Simon Gill wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Apr 28 13:42:02 2003

> I got the USB MA101 and a D-Link WCF-660W for =A390 excluding vat from =

> www.ebuyer.co.uk. The MA101 was ~30 and the WCF-660W was=20
> about ~60. THe=20
> WCF-660W is closely related to the WCF-650 except the 660W=20
> does not block the=20
> stylus or headphones ports on the Z. If you need one I can=20
> supply a picture.

Jono, here's a review of the WAP I mentioned earlier, looks to be fine
for Linux support as it uses SNMP for configuration.