[Wolves] I'm back!

Chris Owen wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Aug 5 14:04:00 2003

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Chris Owen wrote:
>> Nor can I agree with you on this one fizz.  Alex was effectively
>> for us to condone his criminal activity.
>When?  What I read was 'hello, I'm back'...  There was a reference to=20
>'just because I got...' but I think that was sarcastic.  He's probably=20
>learned his lesson.

I read it differently Dan.  I hope you're right.

>>   I'm not going to condone this
>> any more than I would condone shoplifting or spray painting graffiti.
>Would you condemn me for using p2p filesharing and smoking pot?  It's=20
>criminal, after all...  and it probably costs about the same as=20
>phreaking (that is, pretty much bugger all, except maybe a relatively=20
>insignificant (compared to their profits) cost to the corporates)

p2p - honestly not sure on that one.  After all we've all home taped at
some point, and I think I've actually bought more music software as a
result because of the love of music I got from being able to hear more
of it.  Pot - no problem, but wouldn't do it myself.  My concern would
be your health, and in the end that is your concern, not mine.  Don't
know what phreaking is, which probably marks me out as something on this
board, by the sound of it.

>> If you think that's authoritarian, dictatorial and patronising, fine,
>> your view.  The guy is not lame because he got caught, the guy is
>> because he broke the law and still wants us to pat him on the back
>> it.
>I'll say it again, exactly when did he ask us to pat him on the back?=20
>He lamented being off the internet, but then so would I.  He didn't say

>'look at me, I'm so clever' at all.

See above.

>This holier-than-thou stuff coming from the list is getting on my=20
>nerves.  I can /remember/ being that age(dim and distant memories...)=20
>and I guess I must be a natural rebel - I'd have /killed/ to be on the=20
>phreaking scene, and yes, I'd probably have been a 14m3 script kiddie.=20
>I wasn't and never have been a phreaker or a script kiddie, *but*....

On this we differ.  I don't think I would have wanted to be part of that
scene, even given my dim understanding of what it is.  I really wouldn't
want to claim to be holier than anyone, and I'm concerned that one or
two out there have built up an entire edifice of false perceptions
around one or two comments I've made.  I stand by them, but not the Aunt
Sally that got thrown up with it.  And I really wish I hadn't bothered.

>..and no, I'm not condoning anything either.  From what I read you can=20
>make a real nuisance of yourself with a beige box, but then we don't=20
>actually know what he did do we?

No we don't.  But evidently enough to get him dealt with by the OB, and
enough for his parents to take things very seriously.

>Well thanks a lot for sobering me up.  You /do/ realise this means I'm=20
>going to have to do /work/.  You bastards!  ;)

Enjoy ;)


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