[Wolves] I'm back!

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Aug 5 17:02:01 2003

05/08/2003 16:33:36, "Chris Owen" <chris.owen@wmro.org> wrote:

>Fizzy wrote:

>"Personally i would say that yes, breaking into
>someone's home machine and intruding on there privacy
>is pretty pointless, but i wouldn't say that breaking
>into a corporations business machines was morally
>wrong, depending on your reasoning for doing so..."

this makes me think of the swords into ploughshares case where some peeps smashed up some miltary jets 
destined for indonesia, and they were aquitted on the grounds of them preventing the jets being used in 
acts of genocide. tho i don't think alex getting free phone calls is on a par with that. 

> I'd stretch to agreeing in principle that there may be a
>moral defence for some hacking, in some circumstances, onto business
>systems.  But every time I've seen the results, the intent was clearly
>just to cause havoc.

<may be a bit off topic>

well its not hacking, more social hacking i suppose, but i found the yesmen campaigns to be highly 
excellent.I'm sure some of you have heard, they do parodies of various organisations in order to higlight 
their excesses + undermine them



>	Better the legal system under some form of democratic control
>than self-appointed vigilantes, for all its weaknesses, and its tendency
>to favour the powerful and wealthy.

that last bit actually sounds just like our legal system :-)

>Good debate.  Thank you - I'm sure its kept the board entertained...

it has for sure.