[Wolves] List

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Aug 5 20:06:00 2003

Wolves LUG - 6 August 2003
Moon Under Water, Lichfield Street, Wolves


1. Jono
2. Simon G. I should be able to make this one.
3. Dan
4. Lee (if the Rails don't overheat)

No Go's:
1. fizz - in Manchester seeing Bright Eyes
2. rob smith - busy building electric racing car
3. Adam

Late Go's:

Alas no, not to be. I have my 1st training session
with a football team. Dunno how long this will
continue, but I think I have a uni module on Wednesday
nights next year so I'll have to see you when I see
you. Assume I'm not coming for a long time, until I
say I can come again. Sorry :( I'll miss you you all.



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