[Wolves] Shame on you!!

Chris Owen wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 7 17:17:00 2003

Dictionary.com describes 'crypto' as:

"One who covertly supports a certain doctrine, group, or party."

Hence 'covert fascist'.

It's a prefix you can have a lot of fun with...

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Jono Bacon wrote:
> Ow do,
>>naah, seriously its good everyone chilled out after
>>all. Just imagine if this was old usenet there may
>>have been some serious weeping by now.. i think the
>>fact we are in same area=20
>>means that things remain reasonably civil, well
>>until aq and sparkes get started!
> Well Aq is on holiday somewhere and sparkes said last
> night that he had not checked his mail for a while. It
> seems that this is the quiet before the storm.
I wonder if Chris'll get lambasted for being neo-crypto-fascist(what=20
exactly *does* crypto-fascist mean anyway?) or I'll get lambasted for=20
being an apologist for the criminal fraternity?

Or both?  :)
(Probably neither)

> I think the important thing to note is that nothing
> should be taken too seriously on this list.
I think that sentence should be underlined and have big flashing lights=20
surrounding it.  :)

  I just
> wish we could have one meeting where literally
> everyone came along to it who is on the list - I would
> love to meet some of the people on here that only
> contribute to the mailing list discussions. Maybe this
> could be arranged?
Yeah, but how?  We've not even managed to get that many people to meet=20
on IRC and most don't even have to /get up from their computers/ for

I'd be up for it, though, assuming I don't flake out again.


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