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Sat Aug 9 13:52:01 2003

Well, Chris: I'd have to say; the important thing is the
information. For those who don't know (and I'm sorry if this
has already been expressed - I haven't read all my messages

Beige boxing is where one connects essentially an extension
to someone's domestic phone line - by connecting a slightly
modified phone onto the circuits within a "cab" - or
cabinet. (These are the little green boxes around the place
- the bt ones don't have locks, just twist-to-shut clips,
and the cable ones have locks (albeit rubbish ones)).

The name comes from the fact that back in the stone age when
this attack was first performed, their unit was coloured

It requires no skill whatsoever to perform, and is no longer
a valid attack on anything since:

1) the attack has been around since phone networks. It is
not new or original.

2) the networks all know about this, as do most policemen.
(and it's not a good idea to try and play with anything
technological that even *your average bobby* can
understand). Response times to incidents like this are
fairly low.

3) the attack requires no skill or intelligence whatsoever.

Further to this:

4) You got caught!!!! Which indicates that not only were you
stupid enough to try this in the first place, but you were
stupid enough to actually get caught doing it.

If hypothetically one were to want to cause some havoc and
not get caught - a better plan would have been to break into
an un-manned exchange and steal loads of manuals and
equipment. At least then one could learn something.

Any action like this however is illegal, and I must say that
I strenuously advice against it. There are CCTV all around,
and even if you were planning only to learn more and
investigate, the political tide is against you: It is less
likely to be seen as a break-and-enter and more like an "act
of terrorism" whatever that is supposed to mean.

But I agree with fizzy: "You got what you deserved
sunshine", is only going to inspire a rebellious nature.
Just because "if what was being done ended up
with a police warning for a juvenile" - as if the police
were infallible!!! Also stop being so ageist!!!

You seem to be under the disillusion that once the kind of
megalomaniac that wants to become a police-person puts on
the uniform they cease to be a megalomaniac. This is not

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On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, Chris Owen wrote:
> I'm with you on this one bambam.  I have no idea what beige boxing is,
> and I don't want to, but if what was being done ended up with a police
> warning for a juvenile, his parents acted exactly as mine would have
> done, and exactly as I would do.  You got what you deserved sunshine -
> learn your lesson.
> Chris
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> On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Alex Thomas wrote:
> > hello all
> > it is alex here (goththing) jus got my internet back after my parent
> taking
> > it all away all jus because i got a police warning about beige boxing
> at BT
> > CAB boxes. stupid of me getting caught, jus glad was only a warning.
> and so
> I've never met you and already I don't want to.
> > for the past 11 months or so no with no internet :(
> Sounds like you deserved it!
> > so how are you all?? well i hope.
> > atleast i am not the legal age for the pub and wont get told to "go
> away" by
> > those door men :)
> > anyways g2g
> >
> > alex..
> >
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