[Wolves] I'm back!

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Sat Aug 9 14:57:00 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Steve wrote:

> 06/08/2003 12:02:48, "Chris Owen" <chris.owen@wmro.org> wrote:
> >So the subtext is 'nudge,
> >wink, its OK really but don't shout about it in public'?
> Chill out chris! He's completely seperated the LUG with any illegal activity whatsever, but expressed
> an interest in the techniques used, not the ilegal application of them
> > Can you imagine what a CEO of a major
> >corporation or public organisation would conclude looking at this?
> I'd imagine them to acertain the cost benefits of using Linux in their business - after all their there
> to make a profit , not to moralise. Anyway after Enron they'd prbably be interested in illegal
> activities ;-)
> I've noticed we've already talked about sharing films and music on this LUG, smoking pot, taking acid,
> and anarchy, so i don't think alex and his bit of naughtyness has lost anyone any major contracts just
> yet
> >Jono - if this is the Linux community, I'm wondering whether I want to
> >be part of it.
> It is one aspect of one part of the linux community, much like any community has different aspects and
> flavours making it up.
> The strength in linux is there's room for everyone - it is diverse and unique - something we should
> celebrate i reckon.
> I hope you stay about

This maybe is what I would have said if:

1) I was more eloquent

2) I was less angry when I wrote my response.

Thanks steve and sorry for any offence caused.

I too wish everyone to stay on the list. Diversity is the
key to survival for any object.

> steve