[Wolves] Preloaded Linux boxen

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 10 01:38:01 2003

Hi Aq,

> As I mentioned in an earlier mail, I've converted a
> friend to Linux.
> He's in the market for a new machine (his current
> one predates the
> Industrial Revolution) and would like to run Linux.
> I'd like to suggest
> purchasing it from a vendor who will pre-install a
> Linux distribution
> (rather than trying to get a machine without OS, or
> paying the Windows
> tax), but I don't know any. Can anyone recommend a
> reputable vendor? I
> don't want to suggest a built-from-components one
> because then I have
> to build it and do all the tech support, and
frankly> I'd rather poke
> out my own eyeball than troubleshoot hardware
> problems over a phone
> line. Help!

Point him to this machine built by Evesham. Good price
and comes with Mandrake setup on it.


(see if you can spot the mistake on the site)


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