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Sun Aug 10 16:35:01 2003

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Aquarius wrote:

> bambam@pineapple.shacknet.nu spoo'd forth:
> > It depends on whether hacking into a computer is that
> > serious.
> >
> > You have assumed in your argument that your computer is just
> > the same as your home. Is it? Do you go to sleep in your CPU
> > every night? No.
> Ooh.
> Now, most of you have met me, and know that I am not what you'd call
> high-and-mighty on this sort of issue. Well, *I* don't think I am, and
> I shall ignore any oppresor who claims otherwise. :)
> But that's a deeply, deeply contentious argument there, bambam my man.
> Ask yourself: which would you consider a more serious theft, the key to
> your house or your private key? Does your answer change if it's the
> government who steal this thing rather than John Q. Burglar?
> Then read your above assertion again. You want to be careful making
> statements like that. :)

This argument was only put forth to raise the fact that
there are issues here: personally I consider my computer the
digital equivalent of my willy, and should be subject to the
same laws and regulations - but we're not all like that.

I was calling upon people to consider where the computer
fits into your life, and the fact that their previous
arguments were based upon their conclusion.

And yes - it absolutely matters if it's the government. Just
as it would matter more if it was a large group of people,
and it would matter more if it was a group of people "in
charge" and allegedly (or so they claim) "doing things for
my own good".

Like I said. There would be an outrage of government glans


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