[Wolves] I'm back!

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 11 18:31:00 2003

On Monday 11 Aug 2003 1:00 pm, Jon Farmer wrote:

> No justice system is perfect but I would rather do things democratically

problem is our democratically elected representatives are happy to use 
facilities like the Export Credit Guarantee Procedure  to help deals like Bae 
in Indonesia. Using *taxpayers* money too. 

As their manifesto said some gubbins about not selling arms to countries with 
questionable human rights records, they are not doing what they 
deomcratically were elected to do. Hence direct action being used. I find it 
absurd the idea that these women didn't think about going through the courts 
or doing legal methods first.It doesn't work because our legal system is 
balanced towards to rights of a corporation , regardless of its activites.

Also don't forget hovering above our own legal system, the WTO is there to 
enforce rules that would effectively lead to countries being sued if they 
take action against companies that harm the environment for example.

read greg palast 'the best democracy money can buy' for many reasons why 
people take direct action rather than rely on our democratically elected 
representatives to change the law to reflect our concerns