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>As their manifesto said some gubbins about not selling arms to countries
>questionable human rights records, they are not doing what they
>deomcratically were elected to do. Hence direct action being used. I find
>absurd the idea that these women didn't think about going through the
>or doing legal methods first.It doesn't work because our legal system is
>balanced towards to rights of a corporation , regardless of its activites.

I totally agree with what you are saying. If elective representatives are
doing what they said in their manifesto then they are NOT democratic no
what they claim.

I am not really intending to add much more to this debate as I feel a lot of
what of have said so far has been taken out of context or subject to
What I will say is I am a pacifist and see true democracy as the only way.
problem as I see it these days is that direct action to often results in
against people, animals or property and I dont agree with that as a means to
settle disputes.



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