[Wolves] Shame on you!!

leo sandhu wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Aug 12 23:33:00 2003

Aq extolled if we get five people who read the list and who haven't attended 
a meet before to
come, I'll buy all five of you a drink[1], *and* we'll get Peter
Oliver to say he's coming on the list rather than just turn up like
a shadow in the night. Sound fair?

[1] You have to be *real* new people. This does not include attending
but pretending to be your own twin brother, or turning up in a false
moustache and glasses. The judge's decision is final and irrevocable. I
know you lot.

Sounds fair, the beards mine and I dont think that I've been to a meet this 
year, does that count?
:) seriously though, I may be there

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