[Wolves] Need some help!

Old Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Aug 13 12:09:01 2003

Helen Randle wrote:
>>Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 21:27:59 +0100 (BST)
>>From: bambam@pineapple.shacknet.nu
>>To: wolves@mailman.lug.org.uk
>>Subject: Re: [Wolves] Need some help!
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>>Well done on choosing Linux!!
>>The first thing you notice, and this continues all the way
>>is that there is more than one way to do it!!
> Yes, I had noticed that!
>>If you have a high-bandwith connection, then debian linux is
>>your man, if not then probably mandrake, just as you are
> I don't have broadband, so I'm beginning to think Mandrake

'lo Helen, welcome to the dungeon and all that

If I were you, instead of:

'I don't have broadband, so I'm beginning to think Mandrake'

I'd be thinking:

'I don't have broadband, so I'm beginning to think I should get it'  ;P

Seriously, though, ...

Which hardware do you have?  Some linux distributions have difficulty 
(in their default mode) with PCI 'winmodems' - that is, modems which 
come with some hardware removed (which makes them cheaper) - which is 
then replaced with software, often only written for Windoze.  *In all 
likelihood, unless your machine fell off the Ark (much as my laptop did 
:) ) you have one of these modems.*

Much as it pains me to say it (I, like everyone else who has responded 
to you, came the Mandrake->Debian route to my current setup) there is 
also another distribution which many newbies like which is SuSE ( 
http://www.suse.com ) which some people here (a minority :) ) swear by.

However, according to their database SuSE do not support winmodems by 
default.  Mandrake ( www.mandrakelinux.com ) supports a significant 
subset of winmodems by default.  As always, of course, people on this 
list will be happy to help you out if you find you have to do any 
configuring, though.

The point is, most if not all winmodems are now supported in Linux, just 
not in all the distributions yet.  See http://www.linmodems.org for more 
details as to what's available.

Hope I haven't been too confusing... ;)