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Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Aug 13 15:56:01 2003

They are fantastic pieces of kit, with a really well thought out user
interface (and a suprisingly consistant one if you're used to linux). I
haver never understood why people spend so much time cloning the Windows
"look and feel" when Apples is so much better (www.gnustep.org are trying to
clone the OpenStep system libraries which OSX's cocoa evolved from, and
WindowMaker/Afterstep are going for the OpenStep look but thats about it).
The development tools (espeacially Interface Builder) are also good (and
free!) although Objective-C takes a little getting used to.

Has the most complete list of apps for OSX (including X/unix ports).

Before you rush out and buy OSX 10.2 you might want to consider that 10.3 is
due out late this year and there will almost certainly be no free upgrade
from 10.2 (there wasn't between 10.1 and 10.2), just a thought.

chris (an ibook owner for 18 months now)

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Hi folks,

My new Powerbook arrived today. It is quite honestly,
one superb bit of kit. MacOSX is a fantastic bit of
software also. Good BSD foundation with an amazing
interface. For those who are not fasmiliar with this
greatness, check out:


I always put Macs doewn as utter shite, but this jobby
is amazing. I just need to get Mozilla on it and some
other stuff, although I am considering upgrading to
the latest MacOSX.


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