[Wolves] MacOSX....*droool*

Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Aug 13 18:47:02 2003

>not me when I need to press Alt-Z Meta Shift Ctrl-S
>Meta J Shift Alt Meta Shift-T to quit. ;)

Ah if you want that functionality you need to alter your .emacs file to
include the line
(global-set-key "\A-z\M-\S\C-s\M-j\S\A\M-t" 'save-buffers-kill-emacs)

personnally I'll stick to C-xC-c but I'm weird like that (pah new fangled
menu thingies mice schmice if a keyboard was good enough for Christopher
Sholes its good enough for me...)

>As for the LISP book, I am
>starting to think you are a complete nutjob. Surely
>you should be reading the Linux Command Reference. ;)

Now why would I want to read something as platform specific as that when I
can just set emacs as my default shell? (yes I actually did do that once,
its a lot better then you might imagine. No I'm not a nutjob honest)


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Hi Chris,

> The developers tools are on there somewhere, because
> I got them with mine,
> they were packaged up (possibly as developer.pkg)
> however when I reinstalled
> after repartitioning for a dual boot they didn't get
> reinstalled so if you
> find them give me a shout ;-), 10.0 actually had a
> seperate CD with them but
> newer version appear not to.

Ahh I will have a detailed scout around tonight. :)

> However you can download them from apple, you'll
> need an Apple Developer
> Connection account which is free for the online
> level which is all you need,
> you will get an email approx once a week listing new
> things for apple
> developers (books, sample code etc) but nothing too
> evil. The download is
> 300+ Meg so make sure you have a good book while
> your waiting, the emacs
> lisp reference manual should just about cover it
> (1000+ pages of parenthical
> goodness yummy). Actually if you pay per minute you
> might be better off
> buying the tools on cd.

Ahhh this is cool. I am on broadband so I can download
stupidly big files fine. :) As for the LISP book, I am
starting to think you are a complete nutjob. Surely
you should be reading the Linux Command Reference. ;)

> On the apple menu I think there is an "About" item
> which should tell you
> what version of OSX you are running 

I did see that earlier I htink. Is there a way to show
system info by the way? I want to check my clock speed
is what the guy advertised it as. About this Mac does
not show it unfortunatly - it just shows how much RAM
I have and my MacOSX version. I just went and checked
the version and it is 10.1.5.

> >Eight meg and constantly swapping... :)
> Possibly but that makes it considerably more
> lightweight then some desktop
> environments I could mention... Anyway how can

Wakka wakka wakka!

> anyone not love a text editor
> that can psycoanalyse you, beat you at gomoku, and
> then read your mail?

not me when I need to press Alt-Z Meta Shift Ctrl-S
Meta J Shift Alt Meta Shift-T to quit. ;)

Thanks for your info Chris. This is useful stuff. :)


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