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Bought mine from a firm in Manchester called Digital Networks (sorry if
someone has told you this further down the list) - about the only people
who would build me something in a case that wasn't the size of house.
Competitive on price, machine seems fine - nice website with online
configuration and pricing (www.dnuk.com).  They'll happily build a
dual-boot system if you wish - they're primarily Red Hat guys, but they
happily did SuSE for me.  When I contacted Evesham to find out which of
their machines were Linux compatible, they told me they didn't know of
any - and lo and behold the review in the following month's LXF.  Some
people know how to lose sales...


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As I mentioned in an earlier mail, I've converted a friend to Linux.
He's in the market for a new machine (his current one predates the
Industrial Revolution) and would like to run Linux. I'd like to suggest
purchasing it from a vendor who will pre-install a Linux distribution
(rather than trying to get a machine without OS, or paying the Windows
tax), but I don't know any. Can anyone recommend a reputable vendor? I
don't want to suggest a built-from-components one because then I have
to build it and do all the tech support, and frankly I'd rather poke
out my own eyeball than troubleshoot hardware problems over a phone
line. Help!


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