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Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 14 11:32:02 2003

Hi Mr J,

> why am I posting about a W32 worm here ............

No idea. ;) Then again, if we can discuss crime
issues, I suppose it is OK to discuss windows worms.

> Look out for a new worm that gets in via port 135
> and is due to DDos the M$
> Windows Update site on Saturday via port 4444 on an
> infected machine.
> Symantic have a clean up tool, just in case you get
> it at work or something.
> The worm should block some DCOM communications OLE,
> freeze out network
> settings and mess with the control panel.

you see, this is what Smoothwall is for. I can't
believe people who know about viruses still go on the
Internet and don't use protection (huh! huh!). I don't
trust Anti-Virus software too much to protect me -
Smoothewall is free and runs on an old PC, which can
be picked up free or for pennies; there reallt is no
excuse for people now.

> Great quote from Channel 4 News : "If you want to
> avoid this you could
> always use an Apple or Unix", hmmmm maybe he should
> have said Linux, anywho
> it made the national news :)

Funny stuff. Is there an Anti-Virus module for emacs I


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