[Wolves] Need some help!

Old Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 01:19:00 2003

Helen Randle wrote:
>>From: Old Dan <dan@dannyboy.dnsalias.org>
>>If I were you, instead of:
>>'I don't have broadband, so I'm beginning to think Mandrake'
>>I'd be thinking:
>>'I don't have broadband, so I'm beginning to think I should get it' 
> I would if I could! I consider myself lucky to have electricity and 
> telephone connections!! :-)
Yeah I work in Bloxwich so I know what you mean... Peasants down there, 
peasants!  ;P

>>Seriously, though, ...
>>Some linux distributions have difficulty
>>(in their default mode) with PCI 'winmodems' - that is, modems which
>>come with some hardware removed (which makes them cheaper) - which is
>>then replaced with software, often only written for Windoze.  *In all
>>likelihood, unless your machine fell off the Ark (much as my laptop
>>did :) ) you have one of these modems.*
> I use an external modem. Would this be ok? If not how do I find out? 
> (And I don't have anything that fell off the Ark. That's in the loft!!)
Ooh an external modem - if it's connected to a COM port you should be 
fine.  It it's connected to USB or PCMCIA, on the other hand...  Which 
model is it?

Good luck!  (BTW what other hardware is on your system?  A large subset 
of hardware is supported by default in Linux (as in a larger subset than 
is supported in XP ;) ) but...