[Wolves] Bacon proliferation (in de nation)

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 18 14:23:01 2003

Hi adman,

I tell you what buddy...this made me laugh my petite
behind off. :)

I have been pretty busy recently and seem to be in
quite a few mags this month. :) I suppose when you
have to do this for a living it means more work and
more exposure (in a nice way...before any perverted
comments are shared!).

Maybe I should get some bog roll printed with my face
on it so when you are pinching a cable you can see me
smiling face also. :)


--- Adam Sweet <drinky76@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jono, you are appearing everywhere my friend. Not
> only
> do you seem to crop up at lectures I'm at, you know
> a
> guy I'm working with and you write for a magazine I
> read, now you are appearing in other places.
> I'm sat in the library at work in my lunch hour and
> spot a copy of PC Plus around, so I skip through to
> find the Linux section, only for a few pages before
> for you to appear with your Blender series of
> tutorials. Incredible (apart from the fact that it
> is
> by the same publisher as LXF).
> Before you know it I will be bumping into you at
> clubs
> (like Peter Oliver), getting misplaced text messages
> from you (like Simon Gill), before I go the whole
> hog
> and move into a flat to find you live next door ;)
> Please take measures to prevent any furher
> occurances
> or I will be forced to take legal action against
> your
> anti-competitive practices with an Anti-trust
> lawsuit
> ;)
> Yours with concern,
> Ad
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