[Wolves] DRM Issue

info@a2rt wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 21 11:53:01 2003

On Thursday 21 Aug 2003 9:56 am, Jono Bacon wrote:

> Last night was cool, lots of interesting heated
> discussion. Like I said last night, I don't think the
> DRM issue is something that will kill our community,
> but I see it enough of a concern that we need to do
> something about it, and lets actually *do* something
> about it instead of talking about it. We need to get
> up  of our arses and think of something, no matter how
> small that we can do to contribute to the campaign and
> spread awareness.=20

Although i remember Aq talking about the DRM issue at a=20
previous meeting - i can't quite remember all the details -=20
so for the benefit of those unable to attend last nights=20
meeting does someone wanna give a short overview of what=20
they see the state of play with DRM to be - presumably as=20
its an agenda that's being set by corporations at an=20
international level - it'll also be something that will be=20
quite hard to oppose effectively - not that this in anyway=20
means that it shouldn't be opposed - if Aq's being a=20
doomsayer, has he got any ideas re sorting this out?? - as=20
Jono says there's more than enough skills within this list=20
to come up with something that does contribute towards the=20
opposition surrounding this issue.

Sounded like the meeting was good - were there any records=20