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Alex wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 21 19:50:01 2003

The 5500 has been oficially discontinued in Europe, and America as far as I
know.  The 5600 is out in America (I saw one European site advertising it
for pre-order) but from what I read then and since they are not releasing it
in Europe.  The clamshell design may or may not be coming out.  I read
somewhere (Possible on TheRegister that Sharp were not planning on selling
Linux based PDA's in Europe due to lackluster sales.

As far as I know the above is true, but may be subject to me reading
inferences into reports.  If you manage to find any for sale let me know.  A
few friends have expressed an interest in one


P.S.  Try www.Expansys.co.uk they might still have a few Factory Refurbs in.
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> Have Sharp genuinely stopped supporting the Zaurus
> altogether ie not manufacturing any of them them any
> more or is it just the 5500 model? S'alright I was
> just looking at them on Ebay and the last posting on
> this topic was ambiguous. I may get one if I can.
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