[Wolves] Warning: E-mail viruses detected

Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 11:36:04 2003

I've actually managed to train our sales team not to open attachements from
unknown or dubious sources, all it took was a mail system that fell over
every time they tried to open a virus, requiring a server reboot to fix
(there was some weird interaction between the virus scanner and file opening
processes that killed both stone dead), after they'd had to confess their
sins to me three or four times, and been suitable punished by being forced
to make us coffee, they learned and now ask before they open anything
they're not expecting.

So, in conclusion it has been demonstated that using negative reinforcement
techniques the sub-species homo-salespersonus can indeed be taught to peform
simple commands successfully. In the future we intend to develop the
technique to include more complex tasks such as changing their own passwords
and basic word processing, however this is entirely dependant on wether we
can raise enough funding to buy a cattleprod.


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What is this? I have had 44 messages that have been
caught by the spam filter weith 100k asttachments -
how can I stop this?


--- MailScanner <postmaster@svr1.turboweb.net> wrote:
> Our virus detector has just been triggered by a
> message you sent:-
>   To: 200306211125.29254.wlan@beergeek.net
>   Subject: Your details
>   Date: Thu Aug 21 21:27:57 2003
> Any infected parts of the message (thank_you.pif)
> have not been delivered.
> This message is simply to warn you that your
> computer system may have a
> virus present and should be checked.
> The virus detector said this about the message:
> Report: thank_you.pif contains Worm.Sobig.F 
> Shortcuts to MS-Dos programs are very dangerous in
> email (thank_you.pif)
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