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Old Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 11:37:59 2003

Matthew Warwick wrote:
> I cancelled this, looks like another Sobig email.
> How did it originate from our list though?
Sobig appears to work like klez in that it doesn't just set the 'To' 
email addy from the infected computer's list of retrieved email addys, 
it also sets the 'From' line randomly from the same list, and uses it's 
own internal smtp server to actually do the sending.

It's actually quite clever stuff, if a little inane.

> Works going to be a nightmare this weekend, last week we had 100's of
> people about Blaster, now this :'(
Quite.  Technical Support, eh?
::Is *so* not envious::

You have my sympathy.