[Wolves] PDAs

Old Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 29 15:20:00 2003

Lee Parkes wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm looking for a PDA for use at work. However there is a "must have" for it -
> it must be able to be used as a terminal to connect to Cisco network kit. I
> remember people here discussing the Sharp Zaurus, so I was wondering if anyone
> had any experience of it and if it would do the job..
> Ta :)
What kind of interface?  Ethernet?  Wireless?  IrDA?  Long piece of 
string tied to two paper cups?  ;)

If it's IrDA there's an interface built-in.  If it's ethernet or 
wireless you can get plug-in cards to do it.

Zaurus runs linux (obviously...) and you'll find the full suite of tools 
you'd expect to find under linux like ssh, telnet etc etc etc...

So, yeah, in all likelihood(as in like 99.9999%) you'll be able to use 
it as a terminal.