[Wolves] PDAs

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 29 20:55:00 2003

Hi Lee,

I was looking at this a weekend or 2 back. Basically,
the 5500 has been discontinued by Sharp and has been
superceded by the 5600 which will not be available in
Europe due to poor sales here. There is also a C700,
C750 and C760 which are very smart but so far have
only been released in Japan and will almost certainly
not be released here.

Very retailers still stock the 5500 and Sharp sold
their remaining 250k to Argos and they went. Your best
bet for getting one appears to be ebay or

As I concluded myself, have no fear about getting one
as the Zaurus community are still active, Sharp are
still producing new Zaurus models and there is an
updated ROM for the 5500. I will be getting one within
the next month hopefully.





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