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Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Thu Dec 4 17:33:22 GMT 2003

sparkes spoo'd forth:
> The idea of replacing the Lugmaster with a small shell script is
> appealing but I just can't be arsed to give it 2 mins.  But the lug will
> argue on what scripting language to use and eventully end up with a
> python interface to a perl script to the mysql bindings (written in C)
> that have been modified to return funny error messages.  This will of
> course be written over 10 mins spread over 3 years with more actual time
> spent arguing with Peter about if lug apaphy will take over than actual
> coding.

import whrandom
sayings = ['I play in a band, you know',
           'I laughed so much a small drop of wee came out',
	   'Can I write an article for you?',
	   'Yes, I like Linux, even though I don\'t use it',
	   'Would you like some hot Bacon in you, love?',
	   'What colour should I dye my beard this week?',
	   'Did you see our last gig?']
while 1:
  saidToMe = raw_input()
  print whrandom.choice(sayings)
  # Note that which saying is chosen does *not* depend on what
  # was saidToMe


Medio tutissimus ibis.
(You will travel safest in a middle course)
	   -- family motto

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