[Wolves] next meeting

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri Dec 5 07:45:49 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 02:34, Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hello you bunch of fuckers,
Excellent work Aq, I could almost believe that this is the old lugmaster
(whatever happed to him?)

> My god you have all been bored havent you. Firstly,
> why would you possibly want a shitty python lugmaster
> - you havent yet considered the issues of my
> mechanical presence - will you be attaching an
> embedded system running the python script to some form
> of gnagly robot? No jokes about the dog.
Well being python we could all have a copy of the lugmaster on our every
machine we have.  It could replace our fortune cookie and dispense
wisdom on every login.  We can sync the db with our pda's at every
meet.  We would of course know when the meet is cos the website would be
up to date.  I understand someone is working on the interface to MS
agent libs so you could look like a paperclip, a little dog or even a
mad scientist. ;-)

> I am impressed that you have sufficiently brainstormed
> my personality to a bunch of wacken, turd and sick
> jokes, and my commonly used sayings. Yes, I admit,
> sometime I laugh so much that a small drop of pee
> comes out. Is that not normal? Is this not a common
> human act?
It is only normal for old ladies who have had children.

> A few questions:
>  - What is my comedy coke drinking stylee?
Only dedicated people watchers will understand this one ;-)

>  - Can I write an article for you?
No thank you, but could you update the website? our script will ;-)

> You are all, a bunch of anal-monkeys. :)
monkey no, anal perhaps.


PS - still looking for the earliest jono 'play nicely' post for the
records ;-)

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