[Wolves] Anyone here ever used/looked into dxpc?

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Tue Dec 9 21:15:31 GMT 2003

Old Dan spoo'd forth:
> Aquarius wrote:
>> Just in case I'm thick: surely all you need is the win32 binaries and
>> cygwin.dll v20.1beta in the same directory and that's it? See
>> http://www.vigor.nu/dxpc/dxpc-3.7.0win32.html for more -- you'd only
>> need lots of cygwin if you wanted to compile it?
> Well, Cygwin is up to - er - 1.5.5-1. According to the website B20.1 
> dates back to 1998.
> Seeing as I want to run Cygwin xfree86 with this(you can download the 
> dll but not xfree86 from the link you posted) I do really think I need 
> the current version of cygwin.  That means I need to compile.

Ah. Hm. Didn't realise that :)
The DLL might have the same ABI? Try a new cygwin.dll with the old dxpc
binaries? Bet it doesn't work, though ;)
> I suppose I could run the (current) X server I have now and keep the 
> outdated dll and dxpc completely seperate, but something tells me 
> really, really not to like that idea.

Might work, though...I mean, I can't see why not...try it?


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