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bambam at pineapple.shacknet.nu bambam at pineapple.shacknet.nu
Tue Dec 16 11:20:02 GMT 2003

I've got a bad home for the alpha if that's ok.

Bad as in bad boy (as in i've been a). you know.

Cry 'Socket(),' and let slip the packets of war;

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, David Goodwin wrote:

> Right, as mentioned in the last meeting I happen to have an alpha server
> with terminal and a pc which need (good?) homes.
> AlphaServer 266dx4 -
> 266mhz 64 bit cpu. 64mb ram. 1gb scsi disk, cdrom, 10mb network card and
> graphics card etc. Has a "proper" SRM bios.
> I also have a green screen vt320 terminal + keyboard which can hook up
> to the alpha, which will come bundled in.
> The alpha Runs Debian woody without a problem.. I think I've also
> compiled a custom kernel on it etc.
> AMD K6-2 500mhz PC  -
> ~500mb ram, 6gb disk, network card (??), graphics
> card (??) Can't quite remember what i left in it now. Might have cdrom,
> might not. Has been used as my fileserver for the last 3-4 years and is
> very reliable. Retirement due to us upgrading all our hardware and old
> desktops moving to the server realm.
> Also on offer : Iomega 250mb zip drive. Has slightly dodgy power
> connection in the back. I probably have a few zip disks lying around
> somewhere too.
> I'd like some sort of payment for the above, whether it's a few notes or
> a free meal for Kat & I tomorrow... but on the other hand I really ought
> to get rid of stuff I'm not going to use and let someone else make use
> of it.
> If anyone is interested can you let me know, so I can bring it along in
> the car for the xmas meet (or when ever)
> David
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