[Wolves] IMPORTANT: Wolves LUG Chrismas Meet List

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Wed Dec 17 15:29:25 GMT 2003

  Wolves LUG Christmas Meet
  Wed 17th Dec 2003
  The Standard, Cleveland Street, Wolves 7.30pm
  Remember that this meet is a great opportunity for
  those who have not yet been to meetings to attend.
  would be great to see some new faces. Let's make
  effort to get *everyone* to the meet. :D
  I have started the list early to get a good idea of
  who is coming. Please don't use this thread for
  discussion of the christmas meet, use another thread
  this is just for the list.
  1. Jono
  2. Matt R
  3. sparkes
  4. Aq.
  5. Ron
  6. David G
  7. Katherine (the "Wife" :)
  8. nux
  9. Dan
  10. Adam
  11. Rob
  12. Fizz
  13. Lee (Feeling queesy though)

  1. Helen R
  Late Go's:
  1. James
  1. Helen (pink)

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