[Wolves] First email from Linux!!!

Helen Randle HelenR at gmx.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 21:27:41 GMT 2003

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> Ahhh yeah, it's Internet Explorer 5.5 and above only. 
> You could get your browser to report itself as IE5.5 
> (it's in the settings somewhere - Mozilla, Konqueror 
> and Opera amongst others do this afaik) though your 
> mileage may vary. 
I might try that. 
> You really use that thing anyway? 
Well, no, not really. But I do keep getting emails from one of my 
lecturers saying she's put the notes from the last lecture on there (whay 
she can't tell us that *before* we bother going???) 
Maybe I should just have a protest and boycott it?? 

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