[Wolves] defrag

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 20 15:07:35 GMT 2003

 --- David Goodwin <david at codepoets.co.uk> wrote:
> There is certainly more choice with linux for
> filesystems, with xfs,
> reiserfs, ext2, ext3, jfs and others to pick from.
> My favourite is
> reiserfs, as it seems to be very quick (I think it
> uses a bit more cpu
> time to omptimise the disk better... and as disks
> are slow and cpus are
> quick it's not a problem)... although I've heard
> rumours about data loss
> with it, I've never had any problems.

This may be a good point to plug hdparm -
- Aq recomended it and it does sound rather spiffing!


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