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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Dec 23 18:50:16 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 11:19, Helen Randle wrote:

> I'm making a small impression - my brother works in IT and I've lent him my 
> knoppix disk ...... 
Helen, go to jonos website www.jonobacon.co.uk click the wiki and add to
the advocacy wiki (a wiki is a website that is editable by filling in a
form (see matts bit about them at www.contentpeople.co.uk)) a little bit
about giving knoppix disks to people and how to get brothers to give
them a go.

This means you are truely part of the linux/opensource crew.  You are
advocating linux and advocating the advocation of linux ;-)  double well

> I think we've all been ingrained with the idea that nothing good is free, but 
> we have to change the world on that!!
As a long time user of free software I see the free (as in speech) of
being of more value than the free (as in beer) or lack thereof.  I see
that others see little worth in things that have no monetory value but
because I apprechiate the freedom (as in Stallman again) of linux (and
GNU etc) I don't know how to pursude those who don't see things has I

how do you pursude hard nosed business types that linux is not only free
but better?  again this might be something that could be added to the
wiki sharing yours (and Mo's) experience in getting corporate IT users
to understand the value of linux in the workplace.

I know Ron and a few others on the list have experience of getting linux
into the business place but did you tell them the code the solution is
based on is free, just that it is better, or do they just see the bottom

sparkes - who seems to be plugging websites today. 

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