[Wolves] Festive RFC, last weekends meeting and an ex Zaurus (its ceased to be)

Ade binaryboy at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Dec 23 19:12:28 GMT 2003

I cant believe Ive never seen this RFC before. As its Xmas, I thought Id 
share it with everyone.


I attended my first Wolves LUG last weekend and I just wanted to say I 
really enjoyed it. The gorilla joke was just superb (I didnt realise 
that you could actually drink Guiness that way) and the fact that the 
meeting is set inside a curry house just cant be a bad thing. When is 
the next one by the way? When I left you hadnt decided if it was the 7th 
or the 14th of Jan.

While Im here, Ive got a Zaurus that needs resurecting. I managed to 
kill it some how and now it wont get past the text based logon. On my 
old IPAQ, you could boot from CF and copy the OS back over - someone 
suggested that you might be able to do the same for the Zaurus. Anyone 
done this??

Hope you all have a wicked Christmas

Ade   (from Birmingham - which is nobodys fault, not even the romans)

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