[Wolves] Festive RFC, last weekends meeting and an ex Zaurus (its ceased to be)

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Dec 23 19:35:41 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 19:12, Ade wrote:
> I attended my first Wolves LUG last weekend and I just wanted to say I 
> really enjoyed it. 
cool we must have had an effect for wednesday to feel like the weekend

> The gorilla joke was just superb (I didnt realise 
> that you could actually drink Guiness that way)
Aq did explain that it was a wierd osmosis thing in the joke ;-) or is
guiness thiner than gorilla blood?

>  and the fact that the 
> meeting is set inside a curry house just cant be a bad thing. 
by far the best meeting place in wolverhampton I can't understand why we
didn't swap years ago.  Ohh that's right lug apathy we couldn't be arsed
to go elsewhere then one day we couldn't be arsed to go to the pub
before the post meeting curry, then it got so we couldn't be arsed to
even think about the pub before hand, and then they gave us a room to
ourselves, then allowed us to take our own drinks and now we can't be
arsed to let linux get in the way of a curry, gorilla jokes and an good
towel throw.  

arrrhhh the towel throw.  I nominate Simon for missing the last meeting
with the lame excuse of not being in the country (it could of been
county or even city (or perhaps roleplaying?)) but either way it was

Blame Aq for allowing premature nominations he choose Ron before the
towels came and started a presdent for earlier and earlier nominations. 

> When is 
> the next one by the way? When I left you hadnt decided if it was the 7th 
> or the 14th of Jan.
It's the 7th only people with transparent beardage add 7 days to the
true date ;-)

> Hope you all have a wicked Christmas
will do, but only because you suggested it.  Any hangovers are now your

> Ade   (from Birmingham - which is nobodys fault, not even the romans)
sparkes - not from Brum

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