[Wolves] The LUGMaster christmas message

david nux at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 25 06:47:06 GMT 2003

Should loyal subjects bow before you now?

"I wanted to create a place where people who were like minded could
meet and discuss Linux."
In all it's purple veined swinging hugeness.

Well I won't say Happy Christmas because this time of year has nothing to do with Christ, neither His birth nor His message.
God bless you all. May the next year bring you more peace, love and truth than the last.


On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 16:52:09 -0800 (PST)
Jono Bacon <jonobacon at yahoo.com> wrote:

> People of the LUG kingdom,
> When I set the LUG up many moons ago, I wanted to
> create a place where people who were like minded could
> meet and discuss Linux. Not only did I want this place
> to be a technical resource for people, but I wanted it
> to be a place where friendships could be fostered. In
> addition to these requirements, I really wanted to
> create a social and fun LUG that people could come to
> without the kind of formality that is typically
> associated with geeky computer groups.
> 2003 has proved to be another year where the LUG has
> continued to meet all of these aims. This LUG is
> different from most LUGs and I think this is purely
> down to the people and the social ethics in place. I
> have been to a few LUGs in my time, and although
> staffed by very cool and nice people, there is
> something different that is within Wolves LUG -
> something that can only be created by the people who
> go to it. Sure, we have had people come along and
> leave, and we have had people who do not feel as
> comfortable at our LUG as they would in a more formal
> setting, but what I am pleased with however is that we
> have continued to develop an atmosphere that brings
> out the social side of what is in essance social
> software. All of this comes with the pride of complete
> equality to gender, ethnicity and technical experience
> - we have members in our group from both genders,
> different ethnic backgrounds and varied experience
> levels.
> I cannot express to you all how pleased I am with the
> state of our LUG. Sure, we don't do many projects, we
> visit the Pie Factory once a year and we tell foul
> jokes, but I would not wish to change the LUG in any
> way.
> It is just Chrismas Day as I write this and I am off
> to bed. I would like to make a toast to not only Linux
> and the freedom it gives us, but to Wolves LUG and the
> good friends I have made with it. Have a great
> christmas and may 2004 be another great year for
> Wolves LUG!!
> Happy christmas,
>   Jono
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