[Wolves] PHP variables from URL

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Tue Dec 30 08:30:33 GMT 2003

> Cheers. The PHP site was the first place I looked but I couldn't find
> anything based on the searches I was using.

When using the PHP docs, I'd always stumble across the right place
eventually, but never when i wanted it. I disliked the numbering scheme
for the sections, along with the actual documentation contents itself.
The user comments are often quite useful though.

My first suggestion, if you're going to do any serious php development
is to write custom functions for things like getPostValue(),
getGetValue() etc, as the method of accessing these variable changes
from one release to the next (when they decide to rename the arrays
etc!) - I think when I started development with PHP in around v4.0 it
was $HTTP_POST['variable'] which then changed to $_POST['variable']. 

You may also wish to do the same for session related functions. The
alternative is to check which version of php you are running under...
and quit if it's too old / new.

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