[Wolves] Installing CPAN modules on a Smoothwall box

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 5 11:58:00 2003

OK, so I want to put dhcp2dnrd (http://silfreed.net/dhcp2dnrd.php) on
my Smoothwall machine, which will allow DHCPed machines to get DNS
entries and therefore give me insternal DNS for my network without me
having to do any actual work. It's a Perl script, which is fine, but it
requires the module Class::Date. Now, I can't fetch that module from
CPAN, because, although the Smoothwall box has CPAN.pm, it doesn't have
any of CPAN's supporting utils (like ncftpget) that enable it to get
modules from the net. Moreover, even if I get it manually, I can't
*install* the module without "make" (because it uses a compiled C
extension, and because the installation is done with "make install"). I
also can't really copy what "make install" does and do it manually
because it does rather a lot, and I don't really understand (nor do I
want to) makefiles -- I'd have to trace all the paths by hand. Bah.

So, suggestions: how do I get a working version of Class::Date onto my
Smoothwall box? The box doesn't have rpm, either, which means that even
if I could find a compiled binary version in rpm format (which should
be right, because Smooothwall is based on RH, iirc), I couldn't install

Should I just give up and rewrite dhcp2dnrd as a shell script or
something? All it should do is read the dhcp.leases file and write
appropriate lines into /etc/hosts and then restart dnrd; I'm not sure
what it needs Class::Date for at all, but there must be something to do
with timeouts and whatnot.


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