[Wolves] HP Laserjet 4

MarkEllse@btinternet.com wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 5 22:31:04 2003

I have the same thing with the LJ4 in Windows. Interestingly I do not have
the problem in Linux.

Have you set the default page size in the printer configuration menu?
(Offline, Menu, Printing menu, Item)

Of course you have! I shouldn't insult you!


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i have a slight problem, and it seems to be with postscript
when i try to print a page, using KDE, Mozilla, etc... even tho' all the
settings i can find are set to A4, i get the warning come up "PC Load
on the HP's lcd screen. anybody got any ideas why this is happening? maybe
there's some settings i'm missing or a page i can look at?


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