[Wolves] LinuxUser & Developer Expo 2003 at the NEC

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 6 13:20:01 2003

> anyone know anything about the people who're organising it, what 
their track record is 
> etc?? who's gonna go?? Personally I fancy doing a recycled tech/linux 
stall or 
> something, if anyone's interested in joining in??

Yeah, I would love to help with something like this. Ummm I will need 
to come to a LUG meeting sometime, its just how on earth I get home 
that worries me ;( - I'm dying to meet you all ;)
What stuff will you have at the stool?
I will definetly be going to that anyway, I was all ready to go to the 
cancelled one at the NEC on the 29 May last year.