[Wolves] meeting topic?

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Feb 8 16:49:01 2003


I think these posters are cool, and I think there is
no time like the present to get them printed and put

Steve, could you let me know the online locations of
all the posters and I will put up a story on the
website so people can put them up.

Also, if anyone can print some out for free and wants
to donate them to those who dont have printers, that
would be cool. We will then sit back and see who joins
up. :D


--- Steve <info@a2rt.org> wrote:
> 08/02/2003 15:59:41, Adam Sweet <drinky76@yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> >They wouldn't do us for using their name though
> would
> >they? I would be a s***ter if they were unhappy a I
> >think it looks great.
> Hmmm! I suppose I could email them? I'd like to
> think they'd be cool about it ...its not like 
> we're selling anything, so we'll see :-)
> >I think that the $>cd /pub one is also pretty good,
> at
> >first I thought it needed a bit more on it, but
> then I
> >thought thats the beauty of it, it's aimed at
> geeks,
> >particularly *nix heads, like an 'in' joke.
> Again, i saw this online as a t-shirt,so its
> probably a bit naughty - but the beauty of that one 
> is that I'm sure we could come up with loads of our
> own varients if need be..
> ste
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