[Wolves] K - menu in Suse 8.1 with KDE.

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Sun Feb 9 21:14:01 2003


Many thanks. It's where you said - not where the documentation says! That's
the trouble with reading the manual!

I think that I understand the text files in .kde/share/config. But what is
the overall structure of the KDE menu? Is the sum total of those things
controlled by the Menu Editor all those text files in the config folder? Or
are ther other files elsewhere which are controlled by it?


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> > OK, it is not a K-menu in Suse 8.1; it is a Start Application
> menu with a
> > sort of cog-like icon. It has items attached to it. But I can't for the
> > life of me find the logical structure for this menu and the submenues. I
> > did RTFM. KDE help says:
> >
> > To add your favorite programs to the KDE menu, you can use the KDE Menu
> > Editor. To start it, use the application starter and choose System->Menu
> > Editor.
> >
> > This doesn't appear in Suse 8.1.
> It does in mine.  Right click on the suse icon (the theme I
> loaded displays
> this as green icon with a circle and wavey line in it) and menu editor
> appears.  If you then add items to the suse menu, they appear on
> the popup.
> The file ~.kde/share/config/kickerrc is a good one to look at to
> determine
> the very logical menu structure.
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