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Andrew Watson wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 12 16:27:01 2003

Wednesday, February 12, 2003, 3:29:37 PM, Jono wrote:


Hi Jono and WolvesLUG,

J> Hi all,

J> Speaking of smoothwall in my last post, I have a few
J> questions:

J> (these questions are related to the 1.0 release which
J> is stable)

J>  1. Smoothwall has an IDS with it. I assume this is a
J> modified snort. Will smoothwall automatically update
J> itself with the latest rules for the IDS?

AFAIK the IDS is updated when an update is released for
Smoothwall (see below)

J>  2. Does smoothwall have an automatic updating system
J> such as apt included so it remains up to date and
J> secure?

There is an updates page, that doesn't update automatically
but will prompt you to check for updates after x days (7 I

J>  3. Is setting up the firewall rules a difficult
J> procedure to administer?

Default blocks everything except port 113 (IDENT)

No, just two screens.  On the first 'Port Forwarding', enter
UDP/TCP, Source Port, Destination IP and Destination Port, on
the second 'External Services Access', enter UDP/TCP, source IP,
network address or can be left blank to allow access from all IPs
and destination port.

There are some PDFs[1] at:

J>  4. Is port forwarding included with smoothwall?

Yes (see above), along with Web Proxy, Dynamic DNS, DMZ
pinholes and DHCP.

J>   Jono



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[1] Sorry they are in PDF my machine at work hasn't got any other way
of capturing a webpage...