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fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 13 21:16:01 2003

 --- Machx <machx@uk2.net> wrote: > All tabacco ads
banned from tonight do grab these
> Hamlet ads before they are
> taken off - internet ads are banned too!
> http://www.hamlet-happiness.co.uk/
> add   /adverts/    if you just want to grab the
> movies in zipped mov files
> Wayne

"The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002 comes
into force on February 14, 2003. This new Act 
will have a profound effect on the promotion and
advertising of tobacco products in the UK as it
prohibits most of
the traditional methods used to market tobacco
products to-date. Initially, advertising on posters,
magazines and on the internet (except those sites
where tobacco products are offered for sale) is
prohibited from
February 14, and in-pack promotions and direct
marketing is prohibited from May 14.

Tobacco sponsorship of UK events is prohibited with
effect from 30 July 2003 however the Act allows for 
‘exceptional global events’, such as the sponsorship
of Formula One, to continue until 
31 July 2005. Promotions are also prohibited. This
includes cigarette sampling;
competitions, money-off coupons and giveaways; as well
as direct mailshots. The Act does however 
allow tobacco manufacturers to continue to advertise
at point of sale provided they meet certain criteria.

Seeing as we are all ready way off topic, just thought
I'd say about time this got done :)


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