[Wolves] My Beowulf Project is now on line ;)

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 18 21:04:00 2003

> Hi Jane, I had a read of your Beowulf 'story', it
> sounds great if a little arduous ;) I really would
> like to do something like that if only I had the
> time...
> Was it hard and time consuming to do? Or did it just
> require a lot of reading and figuring out the problems
> you encountered?

Yeah, i decided to do it for my final year project 'cos I love Linux 
and wanted to do something that involved that, and I wanted the 
challenge as I'd never set up a Beowulf Cluster before, its something 
different to do!
It was hard, I jumped into the deep end with it, had a load of problems 
and yes, had to do a lot of reading for it!, and had terrible mood 
swings when it didn't work ;)
But the biggest achievement was getting it all working.

I don't know what year your in at uni? but if your approaching your 
final year one of the lecturers called John Williams (who was my 
supervisor) would love someone to carry on with the Beowulf idea, as I 
believe the machines are still there in the project room. 

> Also I recognise some of those old Apricot/Mitsubishi
> machines from uni ;) What do you plan to use your
> cluster for now?

I've left now! ;) I was on a top up degree, just finished successfully! 
so I'm now hunting for a job, (hoping to impress them with what I did 
on my final year project - problem solving skills anyhow!), most people 
think of the Beowulf novels when I tell them <sigh> ;)

> Well done anyway :)

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I like your website by the way!