[Wolves] My Beowulf Project is now on line ;)

s parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 25 20:54:03 2003

>From: Chris Procter <Chris@foxonline.co.uk>
> >>10.13 am Restate my assumptions,
> >>1. mathematics is the language of nature
> >>2. everything around us can be represented and understood by numbers
> >>3. therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature.
> >>
> >
> >well remembered! if anyones interested i've got the book, which has a
> >diary of the whole project.
>I used to have this written out and pinned to my wall, I was analysing rain
>rate data at the time (dont ask, but its a good job I don't own a power
>drill...) so it seemed very appropriate.
A hand drill would work better less tramua just keep the wound clean and it 
will heal with the benefit of never needing to score again

>Anyway, according to Danny Hillis (designer of the Connection Machine with
>65,536 processors, writer of "The Pattern on the Stone") pretty much
>everything is parallelisable, also Stephen Wolframs theory in "A New Kind 
>Science" has a similar basis (hmm both are based on cellular automatia and
>the Game Of Life) you just have to look at the problem from the right angle
>so think of a fun task and factor it for parrallel execution. If you build 
>beowulf cluster they will come.
which, neatly, takes us back in time as the beowulf, and alife (combined 
with the lowtech video wall) where two of the ideas we have banded around.  
Combine the ideas, add a little of our famous apathy and what do we get?

Simple rules, done in parallel, multiplied by many thousands, at some s**t 
hot speed, with a pretty display to drool over gives us our project with 
hardware, software (both the wimpy and hardcore kind), the kind of maths 
that starts simple and ends with you drilling a whole in the head smoking 
DMT and living in caves and interesting theological discussion thrown in or 
good measure ;-)

are we the lug or what?  we may not have a drinks machine but we have god in 
our computers ;-)


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