[Wolves] Postering Campaign

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 7 12:28:57 2003


>Even PDF or
>> PostScript might be OK.
>It seems that OpenOffice.org Writer is the best option
>for a word processed format. I will look into getting
>some of these posters developed and then you can put
>some out. :)

depends what we want to do - i've had a couple of ideas. How about a parody of the Intel 
advert than was on recently?

'Will a better computer make my life better?' 

<picture of happy couple + child smiling'

'No, but a better OS will - Use Linux'

or how about


The best things in life are free* 

<maybe picture of hairy r.stallman>

*free as in 'speech' not free as in 'beer' - Use Linux'


Also i reckon one that pushes the trash technology side of thinks, maybe an image of 
stacked up PCs for arty + geeky sorts

Plus one thats more about saving money for small business:


'Is your company sick of endless XPensive licence fees + upgrade costs?

<image of cost vs time graph>

Find out how using Linux* can save you money 

*Linux is a free and open alternative Operating System'


All of these would have a tagline with contact details like 'find out more with Wolves 
Local User Group'

i'll do some roughs (pdf) of put them online somewhere (over the next few days)


ps not sure about tommorrow night, but i happy to contribute money

pps how about an install day - then that could help to posters have a specific event and 
date to flag up? could be fun!

pps jono i got the new linux format - i think they dumped our feature :-(